Penolong Naib Canselor
Professor Datuk Dr. Mizan Bin Hitam



Welcome to Institute of Leadership and Development (ILD) UiTM. ILD has always been at the forefront of UiTM’s pursuit in providing quality and calibre leaders for the university. In tandem with the university’s slogan “Unleashing Potentials, Shaping the Future”, ILD hopes to unleash potentials of all staff both academic and non-academic and shape a better future for university to become a globally renowned university by the year 2025.

To support the UiTM’s agenda in producing quality and highly calibre academic and administration leaders, ILD provides five (5) centres with their specific functions:

  • Centre for Institutional Leadership
  • Centre for Academic Leadership
  • Centre for Competency Development
  • Centre for Talent and Development Assessment
  • ILD Perak Training Centre

The ultimate objective of these centres is to ensure that all UiTM’s staff are enhanced with relevant and up-to-date leadership knowledge and competency skill sets to steer and drive the university onto a new path and to a greater height in facing the challenges of the 21st century higher learning education.

For this purpose, ILD will offer more innovative and new training norms to ensure more effective and interesting training programmes. ILD will also strive for more collaborations in the development of high impact programs with many agencies, universities and organizations, locally and internationally. Continuous efforts are also being made to strengthen the operational excellence of our training programmes so that it can be a benchmark for training management among public universities in Malaysia.

I am optimistic that with the continuous support from UiTM’s senior management and all staff, ILD UiTM will perform its duties and responsibilities with its best performance to staff and become a leading higher education training institute in Malaysia.

Thank you.





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